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What is welbean Heartscope

Welbean heartscope helps me adjust my training schedules and improve my performance. I also sleep better and eat well.

Jordan, athlete

Welbean is Recognized by Industry and Academic leaders

It gives me more information about my heart than heart rate monitors. Also easy and simple to use.

Joe, Executive

Why Welbean

Your Heart Strength

Workload measures the power of your heart muscle contraction. It reflects the strength and workload of your heart muscle.

Elastic Heart

Resilience measures how flexible and resilient of your heart. It reflects the overall wellness and aging process of your heart. It may also help you identify heart problems early.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate is the speed of your heart contractions. An unusually high or low heart rate may indicate an underlying problem.


Stress is a risk factor for heart disease. Chronic stress exposes your heart to unhealthy hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and increases the workload of your heart.

I always wanted a good heart monitor. This one is affordable and gives me a lot more information than other heart monitors.

Jane, Marketer

How Welbean Can Help

Improve Your Cardio Workouts

Welbean heartscope helps make each workout more effective and safe for your heart. Welbean analyzes the dynamics of your heart muscle movement and strength, and provides spontaneous feedback for your cardio workout or training.

Choose the Best for Your Heart

Welbean heartscope shows how different activities, emotions, food and drinks affect your heart. Late night coffee or video game marathon may put your heart in danger. Check your heart before you are continue doing so.

Recharge Your Heart Properly

Understand how sleep quality can affect your heart health. Shortened or prolonged sleep can increase the risk of heart diseases. Check your heart every morning, and Welbean heartscope will show the strength and energy level of your heart.

A “Weather Forecast” for your heart

Welbean heartscope may help you identify potential heart problems early. Thousands of research and patient data support that prediction.

Know the Limit of Your Heart

Check your heart reserve frequently if you are facing physical or emotional challenges. Make sure your heart workload comes back to the resting stage within 5 minutes after exercise (the sooner, the better your heart reserve).

The Future of Smart Health

Never before, checking your heart health can be so easy and convenient. Welbean Heartscope decodes the secret of your heart, and provide valuable data and insights for a healthy lifestyle.

My wife and I love to learn more about our heart.

Smith, Professor

Questions and Answers

Where can I get Welbean Heartscope iOS App?

Download from Apple App Store .

How do I contact Welbean?

Please send an email to info@welbean.com and tell us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. Our customer can also send us message via the feedback interface in Welbean Heartscope iOS App.

What are in the package?

The package has the Welbean Heartscope chestpiece, the iOS app, and the Cloud management platform for record management, trending analysis, and more.

What are the minimum smart device requirements needed to use Welben heartscope?

iPhone, iPad, iPod. Welbean Heartscope supports latest versions of iPhone, including iPhone X.

Who can use it?

Welbean Heartscope is a health and wellness system that can be used by anyone who care about their heart health and want to see the heart's response to their daily activities.

Can I share the data with my family members and doctors?

Yes. You own your data, we provide secured ways for you to share your data with anyone of your choice.

What’s the cost of cloud server account?

No additional charges for each measurement. Every user will have a cloud account for basic data storage and information sharing.

Is it a medical device?

Welbean Heartscope is a medical quality health and wellness product. We focus on promoting heart-healthy lifestyle, providing personal health assistance and helping reduce the risk of heart disease.

How accurate it is?

Our initial testing suggests over 90% accuracy and consistency rate on many aspects, which is much better than human being does.

How is this different from other Wearables?

We believe that all fitness and wellness products should put you, instead of themselves, at the center stage of your life, so we have designed a product that only needs 20-30 seconds of your time each time, instead of all over your body day and night.

Welbean Heartscope is the only smart device on the market that provides additional heart health information like heart workload, heart resilience etc.

How is this different from heart-rate monitor and EKG?

Welbean Heartscope provides much more information about your heart than heart-rate monitors and EKG can do. Your heart is essentially a muscular pump that never stops. While EKG only reflect the electrical aspect of heart nerves, Welbean focuses on measuring and analyzing your heart’s physical activities and charismatic movement patterns, which reflects all aspects of heart tissues including muscle, nerve, valves, and membranes.

Can multiple people use the same device?

Multiple people can use the same device. Please logon to your welbean account for detailed help.

I know that sitting all day for years is not good to my heart, I use Welbean so I know when to take breaks.

Weid, Road Warrior

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In the wilderness, Welbean is my companion to know when to take a rest to recharge.

Sam, Engineer